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AWST series water bath leak detection sterrilizer  

AWST series ampoule bath rule temperature sterilizer using deionized water as the sterilization medium, high temperature and internal circulation, deionized water spray evenly on the sterilization items for a period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization, temperature range, temperature uniformity, good at the same time avoid the secondary pollution in the process of work, at the same time cooperate with vacuum and color combination of water leak detection methods,Ensure 100% waste detection rate.
Suitable for pharmaceutical, scientific research and other industries, suitable for ampoule bottles, vials, control bottles and other injection, oral liquid product sterilization operation and leak detection, cleaning equipment.

Main performance features
◆ Mobile door structure, (removable) tooth block structure, motor driven up and down.
  Double door channel type, with pressure safety interlock, liquid process with temperature door safety interlock.
  Pneumatic pressure driven sealing ring to achieve automatic sealing, the new high quality high tear resistance silicone rubber circular door sealing ring, special coating treatment on the surface, wear-resistant smooth, has better sealing effect and longer service life, the life is up to 1500 cycles.
The main structure is rectangular section.The main structure is rectangular section, European ring reinforcement structure.The sealing groove is welded directly to the annular jacket at both ends
  Control system: imported Siemens programmable controller PLC and color touch screen, the whole process automatic program control, automatic display of operating process state, temperature, pressure, time and other parameters.
  intelligent maintenance system :(optional) equipped with remote monitoring and maintenance module, which can realize the remote monitoring of device running on PC or mobile phone and remote software upgrade.
Are provided with vials, ampoules, injections, oral liquid and custom procedures such as sterilization procedures and other procedures.
  Process data is printed in real time by built-in micro printer, equipped with a paperless recorder.
 Pipeline system: 304 stainless steel sanitary pipeline, clamp connection, welding seam all adopt automatic pipe welding machine;Main control valves are imported brand German Angle seat valve and solenoid valve, direct water ring vacuum pump;French DFS large flow pipeline pump circulation pipeline is equipped with n parallel branch pipes without heat exchanger, to ensure the circulation speed of pure water, avoid the problem of temperature difference between upper and lower is too large, to ensure the uniformity of temperature.

Technical parameters 

Design pressure


Chamber relief valve


Design temerture


Sterilization temperature control accuracy


Maximum operating temperature


Temperature uniformity


Maximum operating pressure


Accuracy of temperature 


AWST  water bath leak detection sterrilizer 

MODE Chamber size volume Overall dimensions weight Steam consumption Water consumption POWER
(m3) Kg Kg/C Kg/C
AWST-0.6 610X910 1150 0.6 1470X1440X2110 1250 35 320 380V,50HZ 3KW+(36KW)
AWST-0.8 610X910 1500 0.8 1820X1440X2110 1350 47 400 380V,50HZ 3.5KW+(54KW)
AWST-1.0 610X910 1800 1 2100X1440X1900 1550 55 500 380V,50HZ 3.5KW
AWST-1.2 680X1180 1500 1.2 1840X1490X2130 1650 65 600 380V,50HZ 3.5KW
AWST-1.5 680X1180 1900 1.5 2100X1490X2000 1850 80 750 380V,50HZ 4KW
AWST-2.0 900X1380 1620 2 1970X1750X2200 2300 106 1000 380V,50HZ 4.5KW
AWST-2.5 900X1380 2020 2.5 2350X1750X2200 2700 132 1250 380V,50HZ 6KW
AWST-3.0 900X1380 2490 3 2820X1750X2200 3500 170 1850 380V,50HZ 8KW
AWST-4.0 900X1380 3250 4 3580X1750X2200 3500 270 2250 380V,50HZ 8KW
AWST-6.0 900X1380 3250 6 3580X1750X2200 6000 350 3250 380V,50HZ 8KW