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VS-C series automatic vertical pressure steam sterilizer

VS-C vertical sterilizer is a small automatic high temperature and high pressure sterilization equipment with pressure steam as the medium.It is suitable for sterilization of fabrics, tools, rubber, liquid, culture medium, waste and other items in biomedical research institutes of biological laboratory and other levels.

Technical parameters:
◆ Design pressure:  0.3MPa;
Rated working pressure: 0.23MPa
  Pressure display accuracy: 0.1kpa
Sterilization temperature: 105 ~ 136℃ 
Temperature display accuracy 0.1℃
Maximum temperature: 136℃ 
Dissolution temperature: 40~100℃
Insulation temperature: 40~60℃
Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.5℃;
Cavity material: SUS304 stainless steel
Attachment: stainless steel disinfection basket



Chamber size

Overall dimensions












220V 50Hz  3 Kw






380V 50Hz  4.5Kw






380V 50Hz  5.4Kw

Safety device:
Overtemperature automatic protection device: when the temperature exceeds the set, the system will automatically cut off the heating power supply, and sound and light alarm.
Anti-dry burning protection device: when the water level is low and the heating tube is dry burning, the system will cut off the heating power supply automatically and give an audible and visual alarm.
Door safety interlocking device: only when the door is closed in place, the power supply can be switched on to produce steam;There's pressure in the chamber. The door won't open.
Overpressure relief valve: when the opening pressure of the relief valve exceeds, the relief valve opens and relieves pressure.
Heat preservation and heat insulation cover: the door cover made of heat preservation and heat insulation material is isolated, which is beautiful and can prevent the operator from scalding.

Main performance and features:
microcomputer program automatic control technology, LED display, touch button.
Automatic program control of the whole process of water injection, heating, sterilization, exhaust steam and drying.
With high temperature apparatus, low temperature apparatus, medium sterilization insulation, medium dissolution insulation and other procedures for users to choose.
Sterilization process dynamic digital display, failure digital code alarm.
Has positive pressure pulse steam exhaust function, completely eliminate the cold air in the sterilization room, to ensure steam saturation.
Has fast exhaust steam and slow exhaust steam automatic control function, avoid liquid overflow when liquid sterilization.
Has the function of automatic hold when power is off. After power is switched on again, it automatically continues to run from the program breakpoint.
Built-in water tank, soda water circulation, no exhaust steam, clean and dry environment.
Horizontal sliding quick door structure, self-expanding seal, simple and safe operation.